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How We Can Help Your Company

We start where you are, not where we are.

Leadership, Strategy, Change Management
Lean Implementation for Production, Service, and Support Systems
Training of Trainers and Facilitation Training)
Development of Internal Resources for the Organizations Self- Sufficiency

We Solve Real Problems

Helping Kaizen Leaders Drive for Change

We work with leaders to find the right entry point and the best improvement strategies for them specifically. We will help you:

Experience the total integration of all past and current improvement efforts, streamlined and vision led towards developing your own unique service or production system.

Create a supportive culture for continuous improvement.

Achieve business results, and effectively engage all levels of the organization. Build lean support systems, lean engineering systems, lean office, lean services.

We understand from experience what it takes to be successful and sustain that success over time.

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  • "Toni is one of the true experts in her field."
    Gina Pesano
    The Toro Company, Project Management, Human Resources
  • "Dr. Davies had an amazing impact on my students' thinking - with just one talk!"
    Evangelina Jones
    San Diego State University, Associate Professor Emerita
  • "Without hesitation, I recommend her to any company seeking to install an effective program of continuous improvement.
    Alan Robinson
    University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Professor and Author
  • "Toni Davies is one of the best strategic thinkers in the Lean transformation business today."
    Louis English
    Kaizen Institute, Senior Consultant and Account Manager
  • "Toni and her staff really understand our plant culture, and that helps us to be more effective in our Kaizen program improvement."
    Jeffrey Rulis
    EnerSys™ Managing Director, Asia Operations
  • "For someone looking to make positive organizational change that will endure, I would strongly recommend Davies Consulting."
    Dermott Corr
    CEO, Johnson Diversey Equipment
  • "Since joining the Kaizen Institute in 1994, Dr. Davies' ability to not only grasp the concepts but to immediately put them into practical application astounded me. Her ability to assimilate data, analyze it from both a technical and social perspective, develop a vision for where we wanted to go, develop the implementation plan and then put it to work was exciting (and satisfying) to watch."
    Kim Kaddatz
    Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Kaizen Institute of America
  • "When it comes to the work of Toni and her team in Kaizen/Lean in companies, they truly are about Quality, Cost, and Delivery. Toni and her team are an organization that can assist any company in moving to a higher level of performance and competence."
    Ozzie Gontang
    Chair, Vistage International
  • “Toni provided outstanding Gemba Kaizen training for World Vision in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She has deep Kaizen experience and wisdom."
    Andrew Parris, Ph.D.
    Business Process Specialist at World Vision
  • "It goes without saying that Dr. Davies' abilities that ... are supported by her sincere personality and high level of intelligence. I highly appreciate her acute observation of the field where things are actually being carried out, that is, genba."
    Ryuji Fukuda, Ph.D
    Author of "Building Organizational Fitness", "Managerial Engineering" , "Cedac", Advisor to Japan Management Association, Deming Prize Recipient, Fukuda & Associates Tokyo, Japan