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Selected Kaizen Results: 1988-present

The following results, from a sample of companies we have served for the last 25 years, represent long term system and short term project outcomes driven by their customized improvement strategies, deployment plans, and tool sets for each organization by industry.

  • We carefully consider the current state and primary improvement aims to maximize both short and long term business improvement.
  • We work with our clients to build their internal resources simultaneously, ensuring that the organization can sustain their gains, and have the skills to continuously evolve new methods. Our clients develop a strong internal consultant base as part of their improvement strategy.
  • Consultants and teams are carefully selected and include international experts as well as those from North America.


  • Reduced Total Cycle time for Major Product Line Document History from 47 days to 20 days
  • Reduced the Cycle Time for the Out of Specification Process (OOS) from 27 to 12 days.
  • Reduced the process for Non-Conforming Materials closure from 41 days to 13 days.


  • Led a 3+ year Transformation in Large, 20 site, Regional Healthcare Organization, including Diagnosis, Strategic planning, leadership development, Lean Training across all sites, internal consultant & trainer development, and Quality Award achievement.
  • Reduced Clinic Patient Flow through Registration Completion & Nursing Station
    by 28.8 hours per month.
  • Reduced staff time, interruptions, and patient wait times by 100% elimination of daily trips to charts, back storage supply, interruptions, and accidents through flow kaizen in Vision
  • Increased in-patient check in times by 43% in Registration, Medical Records, Coding
  • Reduced 24 hrs of monthly transport/walking in Medical Records
  • Developed Coding Best Practices and standardized to 18 clinic sites to ensure encounters are closed by month end, directly impacting revenue.
  • Expanded Prenatal Care & Support Services Market via a Voice of Customer analysis, increasing patient base for long-term healthcare services.
  • Eliminated 9 hrs/day staff time in Patient Registration (prenatal)
  • Reduced patient wait time for Emergency Lab Requests by 10-15 minutes each, in turn improving patient flow and wait times when results required to conclude visits with providers.
  • Reduced Prenatal Case manager time by 24 hours/month, Medical Assistant time by 11 hrs/ month and Lab staff time by 11 hrs/month influencing additional savings throughout the system.
  • Reduced lab wait time by 50 %
  • Reduced defects (orders without an order label) by 60% , reducing lab staff call time to departments and significantly decreasing patient wait time.

Automotive, Canada, US, Europe

  • Full implementation of Policy Deployment at the leadership level at all sites globally (automotive supply chain)
  • Implemented Kaizen coordinator and internal consultant development in all major technologies (TPM, JIT, 5S, Professional workflow improvement, etc)
  • Created Kaizen Suggestion Program (Kaizen Teian), Implementing 3700 ideas, at a cost savings of $CN600.00 average per idea or $CN 2,220,000.00 cost savings for half the year only.
  • Implemented 10,300 individual improvements annually averaging 6 per employee. 100% Participation rate
  • Implemented 35,000 individual ideas in 5 year period.
  • Increased parts/hr by 65%
  • Improved BOM process for a savings of$7315/per BOM.
  • Reduced cost of rework in Defect Management group for savings of $90,621.20
  • Reduced PPM’s vendors by 54% and internal PPM’s by 80%
  • Improved productivity by 37.85%, estimated labor savings $117,005
  • Reduced voided invoices in shipping; impact $9,702.00 /mo
  • Reduced Changeover on Press, estimating a potential savings annually of $154,578.47 year.
  • Reduced defects through error reduction and standardization (hinges); estimated annual savings $510,983.85
  • Reduced seat leak rejects from a range of 3-9% to 1%, resulting in an annual savings of $84,000.00 over a 3-month duration (wire harness).
  • Reduced defects on the solenoid line resulting in an annual cost savings of $46,716.00 (wire harness).

Stationery Battery Manufacturer

  • Application of 5S/Visual management in 16 areas saved a range of 50-1000 square feet per area, and created a safer workflow, higher productivity, reduced downtime, and improved quality.
  • Dramatic customer positive response to visual workplace organization (5S) improvement, increasing sales and employee morale.
  • Saved 800 sq. ft., reduced cycle time from 7 to 1.5 minutes, reduced material shortages (assembly).
  • Identified and scrapped 21,000 lbs. obsolete material (meted and used for later parts), saved 700 sq. feet, reduced steps by 50% (small parts casting).
  • Eliminated 5 process steps, square footage, Improved safety and quality (cure ovens).
  • Developed Internal Consultants in Kaizen, 5S, visual management, Total Productive Maintenance, and Office kaizen throughout organization.

Battery Manufacturer

  • Reduced Changeover on all 4 major lines to under 10 minutes
  • Instituted visual management (5S) to improve productivity in distribution center
  • Internal Kaizen Consultant Development in Changeover Reduction and Kaizen Basics.

Roller Bearings

  • Reduced plant wide quality problems by 50%, achieving targets through continuous improvement projects.
  • Reduced bearing machine process quality defects by 30%, cup finishing defects and rework by 50%, and 3 other specific defects by 19%, 35%, and 78% respectively. These results were published in Ryuji Fukuda’s latest book “Building Organizational Fitness”.
  • Industry Week recognized this plant in 1992 as one of America’s Best.
  • Internal consultants were trained and developed, including managers, supervisors and operators.
  • This plant was designated a “Center for Excellence” in the Cedac™ process and achieved these results:
  • Developed a Kanban program for 5 Lines
  • Reduced Cup Finish Inventory from 66,000 to 5,600.
  • Reduced Press Changeover from 3 hrs. 53 minutes to less than 1 hr.
  • Reduced Line changeover from 1.5 Hours to 35 minutes
  • Reduced Line Grinders from 1 hr. 43 minutes to 30 minutes
  • Increased productivity from 13,000 pcs. /shift to 25,000 pcs/shift.
  • Reduced scrap and rework by 30%
  • Increased uptime to 82%

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Braking Systems

  • Reduced monthly consumption in Maintenance from 520K kilo-watts/hr to 364 kilo-watts/hr, saving $27,846.00 in 3 months.
  • Reduced line side utility time by 21.3%, an annual savings of $23,802.00
  • Reduced changeover time from an average 55 hrs/week to less than 30/hrs week, a monthly savings of $7617.50, annual savings $91, 404.00
  • Reduced monthly scrap on rough bore finish from $921.56 to $195.20.
  • Increased cycle time Master cylinder station by 150 units/day, cost impact of $42,816.00 year.
  • Implemented I piece flow JIT in auto Backing Plate (WIP from 3000 to 5, Changeover from 480 to 10 minutes, space reduction from 756 sq. ft. to 529 sq.ft. throughput from 1100 to 1500).
  • Increased inventory accuracy from 81% to 92% in 3 months.

Electric Controls (1991) Shingo Prize Winner

  • Implemented policy deployment, Cedac, SMED (changeover reduction), Poka Yoke (error proofing)
  • Reduced Lead-time from 8-12 weeks to 1-2 weeks
  • Reduced Work in Process by 80%
  • Reduced Finish Goods Inventory from $1.2 Million to $300,000.
  • Reduced Stores Inventory by 50%
  • Increased On time delivery from 65% to 95%

Aircraft Engines

  • Reduced leak test rejects at welding process from 40-hrs/repair time to 4-hours/repair time.
  • Reduced computer paper consumption in Engineering 80% for an annual savings of $250, 000.
  • Reduced film consumption in research lab from $645/day to less than $120/day.
  • Blade Fabrication: Reduced reject rate from 17% to 1.7%. Reduced scrap from 25% to 7%. Eliminated $280,000 worth of test pieces. Reduced late delivery from 2000 to 0/month, a savingsof 3.5 million in inventory.
  • Office: reduced pneumatic tube flow from 80/day to 20/day, and increased clerical productivity by 35%.
  • Accounting: Reduced paper turnaround time from 17 to 2 days internally

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