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Why Work with Davies Consulting?
We are experienced in all the lean tools, techniques and approaches, and know better than to “sell” one preprogrammed approach or another at random. What we use is based upon your needs only.

We know how to establish and spread Lean to areas off the shop floor, how to build lean support systems, lean engineering systems, lean office, lean services. We build the kaizen organization from the inside out.

We know there is not just one entry point into a lean effort, and that each organization and its leaders must define and commit to their futures in an extraordinary way. We work with leaders to find the right entry point and the best improvement strategies for them specifically.

We have the experience of solving real problems with hard won advice from real change agents.

We help companies realize the "respect for people” element in the TPS. Done well it can generate business results, credibility and effectively engage the working level of the organization and teach the leadership what it means to create a supportive culture for continuous improvement.

We know what’s not in the journals. We can answer the hard questions. We understand from experience what it takes.


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